Is your website....

Mobile Optimised?

In the first quarter of 2019 reports by Statista showed that 48.7% of website traffic came through mobile devices.

Have you checked to see how your website looks on a mobile device? If your website isn't mobile optimised mobile users will leave your website quickly as users don't want to scroll down too far down or have to zoom in to see or read content.

If you are concerned about how your potential customers see your website and need some advice, we would be happy to discuss this and see how we can help.

A good design?

Visitors to your website will leave quickly if it looks poor, but that's not just meaning the style but also if it is over complicated, has hidden navigation buttons, pop ups or unresponsive buttons.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate with clear and easy to use buttons on every page.

If you need help to update your website, we would be happy to discuss this with you to see how we could help.

Working correctly?

Websites require regular checkups to ensure that everything is operating correctly, such as checking all pages on your website for broken links to another page on your site or external links, like those for social media. Checking for outdated plugins, updates and form submission errors is also essential.  

Technical errors on sites that aren't operating correctly can cost businesses lost revenue and lost clients.

If you need help to update or maintain your website get in contact with us for a chat and see if we can help you.


SSL Certificate? Having a site with a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate provides more security and allows data to be exchanged between computers without being read by third parties.

Find out if your site and those you visit are secured by SSL by looking for a lock symbol in the address (URL) displayed in your browser. Click on the lock icon to view more information about the security for that site.

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure)? Another way to check a site is secure is to look for 'https' in the site address rather than just 'http' (note there is no 's' on the end when it is not secure).

For more information regarding site security on our websites contact us for a chat.


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